Who we are

Al Abbadi Group of jewellery was established in 1990 by Mr. Mohsen Al Abbadi. Since the start, Al Abbadi Jewellery is pledged to offering high quality products to meet customers' expectations. Dealing with different suppliers from around the world contributed in organizational and market experience that led to exponential growth. Today, there are nine direct selling retail shops focused on Arab and GCC customers backed with a wholesale office and manufacturing workshop.In Al Abbadi Jewellery, we mainly focus on traditional Arabic and modern gold &Diamond ornaments. We take special care to offering suitable gold designs considering GCC and Arabic cultures.

Mutual trust with customers

Al Abbadi Jewellery is committed to listen and build mutual trust with customers,we value customer inputs as key elements for success. Al Abbadi Jewellery maintains a good public image and a reputation for honesty and integrity among customers, suppliers, and competitors. Al Abbadi Jewellery is specialized in offering 21 ,18 and 24 carats goldcollectionsthat present the mixture between traditional heritage and elegancy.

We offer all kinds of wearable gold pieces such as gold sets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Moreover, we provide customized products such as engraved bracelets and on-demand manufactured names. Competition We understand that companies that cannot innovate and be dynamic will not achieve competitive advantage. Al Abbadi Jewellery proved excellent record in showing its distinctive capabilities. We embrace a customer-centric mindset, that is, thinking like customers in order to keep them satisfied and eventually gain their loyalty. Maintaining strong relationships with customers is one of the most important strategies of Al Abbadi Jewellery.


Our vision is to become the pioneer in gold and jewelry sales industry in the region and to be the favorite destination for gold and jewelry consumers.

Mission: Our mission is to turn each prospect to a happy yet profitable returning customer, create an experience the customer will not forget, and build positive relationships with customers


Our core values are customer satisfaction, teamwork, dedication, integrity, and organization-customer mutual trust.

Strategies: Our strategies are mainly around customer centricity and profitability. In fact, we believe that embracing a customer-centric mindset will lead to success. Developing customer relationship management solutions and being easy to find are essential to attract customers. In Al Abbadi Jewellery, we love our customers and we want them to be happy.